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CyberTrenches: by Kalid Azad

CyberTrenches: Podcast-1

Language: English

Online security is a major concern for those of us who traverse/use the Net often. By linking to the Net you are exposing your machine to the outside world. Along with its immense benefits, like the real World, online World also has its share of the unscrupulous and security holes. Naturally, it is good to know how the Net functions and the different means by which external forces enter your system. Towards this end, we start a new series, called ˜CyberTrenches”. Mr. Kalid Azad, a software developer and security expert, has agreed to contribute to this series.

For 3 years Kalid was at Microsoft as a program manager in security, developing and implementing the anti-spyware strategy. He grew up outside of Boston, MA (USA) and studied computer science at Princeton University. Currently he is pursuing entrepreneurial projects like InstaCalc kalid_azad.jpg

In this introductory episode, Kalid explains networking concepts such as TCP/IP, IP address, ports, domain name etc. in layman’s language. Hope you will benefit from the talk!

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