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CyberTrenches: by Kalid Azad

CyberTrenches: Podcast-3
Language: English

OS vulnerabilities-1
OS is a major component of modern computing system. It is a complex software that controls the system, manages resources and provides networking/graphics/security support. As all the programs run on your system depend on the OS, the security of your system depends to great extent on the strength of its OS security features.

kalid_azad.jpgBeing a complex system, several vulnerable points creep into the OS. Knowing the OS vulnerabilities or the defects in the OS that enables miscreants bypass its security features will certainly help us quite bit in making our digital life less painful.

In this podcast, Kalid Azad takes up this issue.

Here he explains the following:
A. Concept of operating system

  • manage “resources”: disk space, memory, and computer
  • device drivers — tell the operating system.
  • networking
  • graphics
  • security: permissions, requests from outside.

B. Difference between operating systems

  • UNIX/Linux, Mac, Windows.
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