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Management Lessons from the Real World: By Chris Beall

Lessons from the Real World : Podcast: 1
Language: English

Chris Beall, currently President & CEO, of Qlip Media, is a man with wide experience. As per his blog, Chris has taken up different types of jobs that we cannot even think of. Chris has been a dishwasher, teacher, auto mechanic, forklift operator, truck driver, landscape laborer, programmer, door-to-door salesman, animal manager, director of software development, proofreader, consultant etc. With his rich life experience he has several valuable things to tell the world. This series is an attempt to capture his precious thoughts/insights.


chris2.jpgIn his PodShow series on ‘Lessons from Real World’, Chirs shares his thoughts and insights gained from observing/internalising real life.

In this first edition of the series Chris elaborates the management tips he learnt while working as landscape worker in the early seventies. His main contention is that small teams outperform larger teams due to the following:
Share sense of purpose, challenge and commitment
Close communication lead to continuos improvement
The team worked at the pace of the leaders, not the laggards
The team flexibility reassigned work to overcome obstacles and continue moving as a unit

And he concludes the podcast with a few management tips that could come in handy for Technical Project manager:
Lessons for tech management
Keep teams small, challenges large and progress visible
Management must participate in the technical conversation and be heard and overheard
When a critical path item is at risk of slipping, conquer it as team before moving on


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