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KnowledgeCapsule, J.Murali’s PodShow, aims at conveying basic knowledge on different subjects to the common man (for the grassroots literacy). In this podshow, J. Murali podcasts talks/interviews with experts on a variety of subjects that include Technology, Social Science, English language and Law.

The uniqueness of KnowledgeCapsule is that each podcaster presents her subject as a series with several episodes. The duration of each episode, generally, is limited to 5-10 minutes. In case you are interested in contributing to this series, please contact J. Murali at: jmurali at

About J.Murali
J.Murali, is an IT professional with considerable experience in computer systems management/administration.

J.Murali authored the popular column NetSpeak, for the national daily ‘The Hindu‘. This column explores the latest trends/services in the on-line world. He also occasionally writes in other magazines on IT related innovations and has composed a video series on IT-enabled services in English for a local TV-channel.

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